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What I Provide



-a professional display-

I come prepared for events with backdrops to go behind me, pop-up banners, props, cosplays I have created on mannequins, and a full table display with prints/charms/stickers that I sell.


-educational & fun-

I have run & participated in various panels, ranging from informative (Beginner Self-Photography, Social Media, Armor/Prop Building) to fun for attendees (Live Armor Building and character panels). I like to pass on what I know to audiences who are looking to learn more and I make myself available to answer questions. I also give demonstrations during the panels of the techniques I am teaching.

(photo from my WasabiCon 2021 Beginner Self-Photography panel)


Contest Judging

-an eye for detail & performance-

I have a wealth of different experience in judging; ranging from my years as a costume judge in the various Lucas Film/Disney recognized Star Wars clubs to having been a lip sync judge and a cosplay contest judge.

My time judging has given me an eye for detail that I believe is helpful to being a judge at conventions.

(photo from WasabiCon 2021 Lip Sync contest)

-available upon request-

I have built a large scale, 10.5 ft wide, prop that is available upon request to add to my booth spaces.

If this prop is something you are interested in, please add it with the information about your event on the contact form.


  • Other large scale props are available to be built upon commission for events. Please be sure to list this in your contact form if you are interested so we can discuss time frame & cost.

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